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Scan IM Inventory Management - Simplify. Organize. Empower.

Say goodbye to inventory spreadsheets and hello to operational efficiency. Scan IM is more than just your average physical inventory software; it's a time-saving business tool that transforms inventory operations for organizations of all shapes and sizes. 

  • Built By Inventory Experts
  • Budget Friendly Subscriptions
  • Barcode Scaning Integration
  • Inventory Peace of Mind

What Our Cloud Based Inventory Software Provides For Inventory Management Success

Real Time Inventory

Real Time Inventory Alert System

Never worry about stockouts again! With our user-friendly inventory alert system, you can be notified about when you need to order items that are low in stock. All alert levels are entirely customizable to your preferences. 

  • Set minimum stocking levels
  • See color-coded alerts on each item from the inventory dashboard
  • Know exactly when and how much to order with our inventory alert system

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Reports and Inventory

Reports & Printing with Our Physical Inventory Software

  • Quickly generate inventory reports and print to PDF or download in CSV format
  • View stock levels, consumption history, reorder needs and more

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Pulling and Restocking

Pull, Restock, Transfer, & Audit Inventory

Our inventory management software seamlessly integrates with barcode technology, ensuring effortless and straightforward inventory auditing.

  • Functionality designed by inventory management experts
  • Maintain up to the minute inventory levels with regular use

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"Scan IM is truly changing the way we handle inventory. It's easy to use and allows us to spend more time supporting our community instead of updating spreadsheets!"

Cloud Based Inventory Software preview on multiple devices

Cloud Based Inventory Software that Supports Multiple Devices

No matter your device of choice, Scan IM looks and acts the same because it is designed to be compatible with many work environments. Whether you're working from a warehouse mobile computer or a workstation in a clinic, our cloud based inventory software is easy to use!

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Mastering Your Inventory So You Can Master Your Industry

Scan IM saves you time so you can focus on building your business and mastering your industry.

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Healthcare Built specifically for ASC and clinic spaces.
Warehousing Labeling and tracking solutions for improved accuracy.
Trade Work Designed to easily track supplies for increased efficiency.
Consumer Goods Record merchandise levels to stay on top of production flow.
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The Experts Behind Scan IM

About SK&T Integration

For over 25 years, SK&T has taken a personal approach to help businesses overcome operational challenges. Our passion and approach to providing service to various organizations has given us insight into the day-to-day needs and hurdles facing our clients.

Through the years, the need for simple yet comprehensive inventory management software became clear. A background in the supply chain, a drive to solve problems, and a critical need came together to create Scan IM.

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