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Features For Your Inventory Management Needs

Equipped with all the functions your business needs for inventory management success

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Simplify your inventory process with comprehensive, fool-proof features even the newest employee can use.

Set and retrieve low inventory alerts in real time

Visible Alerts

  • Automatic alerts on low stock items
  • Filter color-coded alerts by critical, low, and normal inventory levels
  • Customize inventory limits and alerts for each unique item

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Sort and filter your inventory

Sort & Filter

  • Use the sort & filter functions to enhance navigation
  • Filter by color-coded alerts
  • Sort by room, item name, quantity, and low-level alert

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Multiple Locations & Rooms

  • Track and easily view inventory from room to room and location to location
  • Fully customizable to grow and change with your company
  • Be as detailed as you want with custom room names

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Search functionality

Search Function

  • Easily find the search bar on every page
  • Quick lookup by barcode scanner, item description, or name
  • Scan or search UPC/SKU barcodes through our cloud database

Pull items, transfer, and restock quickly

Pull, Restock & Transfer

  • Pull: Choose an item and use it for consumption or indicate waste
  • Restock: Quickly restock items with intuitive +/- functions
  • Transfer: Track inventory company-wide and locate it immediately
Make quick corrections with audits


  • Designed for heads-down cycle counting
  • Barcode scanning to quickly locate inventory without the hassle of a manual search
  • Inventory updates in real-time
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Capture Relevant Data & Insights For Advanced Decision Making


  • Equipped with all the reports you need to track inventory
  • Export to CSV or print PDF directly from Scan IM
  • Identify waste and consumption patterns for better decision making


A list of all inventory


All items below the minimum level


Chronological history of user activity


See the consumption and total quantity of each item


View restock quantity and total quantity


Track the location history of your inventory


View archived and active items


Manage Users, Roles, and Permissions

Custom Users

  • Add multiple users
  • Personalized viewing and editing capabilities
  • User, Manager & Admin settings

Scan barcodes with the camera on your phone

Barcode Scanning & Printing

  • Compatible with wired or wireless handheld barcode scanners
  • In-app mobile scanning
  • Print barcodes from the app with a one-time set-up fee Learn More

Secure and private

Secure & Private

  • Nightly backups of your database stored privately for 2 years
  • Individual User Logins
  • Inactivity Timeout

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Hardware Kit Buying Options Designed By The Experts

Scan IM Hardware Kits featuring the Voyager 1602g Bluetooth companion barcode scanner from Honeywell.

Hardware Kits Include

  • Enhance experience and reliability with hardware options
  • Product consultations and recommendations based on your business needs
  • A wide variety of solutions to fit your budget
  • Ongoing hardware support and maintenance from Scan IM experts

Hardware Kit Options

Suite of supported devices

Supports Multiple Devices

No matter your device of choice, Scan IM looks and acts the same.

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