Scan IM Inventory Management team in the warehouse.

The Experts Behind Scan IM

Our Mission & Approach

SK&T's mission is to help you smoothly navigate the operational challenges you encounter running your organization. As one of the largest bar code integration firms in the Rocky Mountain region, we have been uniquely positioned to get a first-hand look into the everyday operations and inventory processes of companies across a wide range of industries.

As we work with each company to overcome current challenges and better understand the vision for their business, we customize a plan that supports their short and long-term objectives.

Because our approach to supporting our customers is highly personal, we have quickly learned the common and unique challenges facing every business. Walking with our customers allows us to develop innovative solutions to improve day-to-day efficiency.

Through the years, our team of experts realized a common need among our customers who needed an inventory management software that even the newest employee can pick up and understand. A background in the supply chain, a drive to solve problems, and a critical need for a visual and user-friendly inventory management system came together to create Scan IM.

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