Getting Started

What Is Scan IM

Scan IM is an innovative digital inventory management system that helps businesses of all sizes streamline their inventory operations. The Scan IM app was created not only by tech developers, but by supply chain experts with decades of industry experience who set out on a mission to give businesses a foolproof way to manage and track inventory. With on-the-go reporting and accurate inventory counts in real time, Scan IM eliminates the need for managing inventory with pen and paper or spreadsheets and can be accessed from any device, helping save valuable time and money for its users.  

The "IM" in Scan IM stands for Inventory Management. 

Free Trial Overview

Scan IM offers a risk-free 14-day free trial to users who wish to test out the app before committing to a monthly subscription. When signing up for a free trial, users will be asked to select a subscription plan that meets their business needs and will be asked to enter their card information. Scan IM will not make any charges to the card on file until after the 14-day trial period expires. Once the 14-day trial period ends, Scan IM will automatically charge the card on file unless you choose to cancel or enroll in a paid subscription before the trial period is over. Users will have the option to keep or delete their free trial data prior to beginning their subscription. 

During the 14-day free trial period, users will have limited functionality: 

  • 50 Unique Items: free trials come preloaded with 25 unique items and the ability to create 25 of your own. 
  • 1 Location: free trials are limited to 1 location per account. 
  • 3 Rooms: free trials come preloaded with 2 rooms and the ability to create 1 room of your own. 
  • 1 User: limit of 5 users for SMB free trials, 10 users for SMB+, and unlimited users for Enterprise.  
  • Manage Inventory: to ensure Scan IM is a right fit for you, free trial users will have full access to all our inventory management functions. This includes the ability to view and manage inventory alerts, perform inventory audits, pull and restock items, and the ability to transfer items to different rooms. 
  • Run Reports: free trial users will have full access to Scan IM's inventory reports, transaction reports and user reports. 

Please note: the barcode printing feature is only available to paid customers at this time. 

If you're just getting started with a free trial, check out our Free Trial Quick Start Guide for helpful tips and tricks.

Quick Start Guide

If you're a paying customer who is just getting started with Scan IM, check out our Quick Start Guide for helpful tips and tricks.