How to create, download, and print reports?

  • Select the Reports icon in the left side menu or click the down arrow on the Homepage to open the reports section. 
  • Click on the report you'd like to run. 
  • Ensure you have the Room or Location set that you want to report on. 
  • For Transaction and User Reports a date range will need to be entered. 
  • All reports are designed around 8.5" x 11" paper. 
  • To print, run the report and click on the Print link in the upper right corner above the report. 
  • Inventory and Transaction reports can be downloaded into a .csv file. Click Download CSV in the upper left corner above the report. 

What's the difference between an inventory report and a reorder report?

  • The Inventory Report includes all inventory levels for the Room or Location selected. 
  • The Reorder Report only includes items within the Room or Location selected whose inventory level is near or below the minimum stocking level set for that item. This is a report of items to consider for reorder. 

Which types of transaction reports can I run?

Use the transaction reports to get a detailed view of your inventory activity and history. 

Consumption Reports

  • This report provides details on consumption generated by using the Pull Items function. Currently, there are two types of consumption: General Use and Waste. 

Restock Reports 

  • This report provides details on restock activity generated by using the Restock Items function. 

Transfers Reports 

  • This report provides details on transfer activity generated by the Transfer Item function. 

How to run a user history report?

  • From the sidebar menu, select "Reports" and then select "User Reports."  
  • Select "Chronological History" and enter your start date and end date. 
  • Select the room or location you'd like to run a report on from the dropdown menu.  
  • Select "Get Report" to open a chronological report for all users who meet the criteria selected.